mandag 23. februar 2015

My crocheted throw is finished!

In 2011 I started on my first real crocheting project - and now I've finished. After 4 years. Yippi!

The patterns is here: Drops pattern (choose other language if needed), and I have made 121 crocheted squares and arranged them in a 11 by 11 square. Half of the squares are "colored"=blue, purple, pink, green, and half is more nutral=brown, beige group.

I'm looking forward to spend some time in my sofa with the throw over my legs - when I get back to Trondheim. I don't see so much use for the throw here in Perth.

11x11 squares - with black meshwork

Colored vs beige/brown - alternating

Looks good at Point of Reflection in Kings Park, Perth.

Maybe place the throw next to some green plant in my livingroom?

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Litamora's Quilt & Design sa...

Nydeig teppe! Skulle ønske jeg var like tålmodig å gjøre ferdig... ;o)