Scott Kelby 8th World Wide Photo Walk: October 3 - in Trondheim

I have attended my 7th Scott Kelby Photowalk - in the lovely autumn weather in Trondheim.
There has been 8 Scott Kelby Photowalks, which means that I have missed out once (that was in 2010). I have attended 5 walks in Trondheim (2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015) , one in Bergen (2009) and one in Perth (2014).

This years route started at Skansen, and went for a loop around Ila, before returning to Skansen.
At Skansen we ended the walk with lunch and photo-talk! Here are some of my pics from the walk - you find more at my flickr album:
and at the Trondheim-walk flickr group


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