mandag 28. mars 2016

Celebrating spring -- new tablecloth made from Jen Kingwell Gardenvale fabrics

I love giving myself challenges - and this tablecloth is the result of the following challenge: design and sew a tablecloth for the chest of drawers in my entrance - and only use fabric from the Gardenvale fabric range by Jen Kingwell.

Where did that challenge come from? 1) My entrance really needed more colour - and also some black (and clear blue) to match two of my favourite posters by Hundertwasser (Das 30 Tage Tax Bild and Loewengasse - la troisieme peau) hanging over the chest of drawers. You see?

And, 2) I went to my favourite quilt shop, Quiltegården, and the owner, Siw, had just gotten in charm packs from the Gardenvale fabric range. I bought one  2.5x2.5 and one 5x5 charm pack, and then also half a meter of Seven Seas spots, Black Swan spots, Monkey Magic circles, and Half Strength Lead (see Gardenvale fabric range).

I started by randomly sewing together the pre-cut charms, and then added a few appliqued flowers (my machine), and finally meandered machine quilted with a variegated yellow-orange Signature thread. The finished quilt measures 41x121 cm.
Spring is coming - garden ice and snow - and the quilt.

Garden view

Close-up on bright blue strange flower.

The yellow-orange meandering quilting.
So, how does it the table cloth look when place on the chest of drawers?

You find Jen Kingwell's blog at, and you can listen to an interview with her at Her quilt shop is in Gardenvale, not far from the iconic St. Kilda and the colourful Brighton bathhouses (south of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia),

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