Celebrating spring -- new tablecloth made from Jen Kingwell Gardenvale fabrics

I love giving myself challenges - and this tablecloth is the result of the following challenge: design and sew a tablecloth for the chest of drawers in my entrance - and only use fabric from the Gardenvale fabric range by Jen Kingwell.

Where did that challenge come from? 1) My entrance really needed more colour - and also some black (and clear blue) to match two of my favourite posters by Hundertwasser (Das 30 Tage Tax Bild and Loewengasse - la troisieme peau) hanging over the chest of drawers. You see?

And, 2) I went to my favourite quilt shop, Quiltegården, and the owner, Siw, had just gotten in charm packs from the Gardenvale fabric range. I bought one  2.5x2.5 and one 5x5 charm pack, and then also half a meter of Seven Seas spots, Black Swan spots, Monkey Magic circles, and Half Strength Lead (see Gardenvale fabric range).

I started by randomly sewing together the pre-cut charms, and then added a few appliqued flowers (my machine), and finally meandered machine quilted with a variegated yellow-orange Signature thread. The finished quilt measures 41x121 cm.
Spring is coming - garden ice and snow - and the quilt.

Garden view

Close-up on bright blue strange flower.

The yellow-orange meandering quilting.
So, how does it the table cloth look when place on the chest of drawers?

You find Jen Kingwell's blog at http://jenkingwelldesigns.blogspot.no/, and you can listen to an interview with her at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prx5us9GkH8. Her quilt shop is in Gardenvale, not far from the iconic St. Kilda and the colourful Brighton bathhouses (south of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), http://www.amitie.com.au/about-us.htm.


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