Viser innlegg fra november, 2014

98 - aiming for 121

I'm into crocheting now. I'm making an honest try at finishing the project that I have written about twice before, "37 and counting"  and Hekleruter . My aim is to make a throw for my sofa. My brown-beige sofa in my living room in Trondheim. I think I need 121 crocheted squares - arranged in a 11 by 11 square. I'll sit comfortably in my sofa with my crocheted throw over my legs. I'll not be cold. Not at all. I have sorted my squares into two groups: the brown-beige group and the coloured (mostly blue, purple, pink) group. The plan is to have about equal size of both groups and then arrange the squares alternating between the two groups. I have started - first making rows of 11 squares and then crocheting the rows together. I'm working on row 5 - and my throw is now 11 time 5 squares. I'm using black as the binding colour - trying to mimic the field of a stained glass window (yes, according to the pattern, not my brilliant idea). The patterns is he