Beautiful Tassie

Just back from a weekend trip to Tasmania; Port Arthur, Eaglehawkneck, Tasmanian devil park, Hobart, Salamanca market, Battery Point, Mount Wellington, Mount Field and Richmond. So much beauty! You can see pictures from my trip at my PBase page And, I stopped by the lovely quilting and needlework shop in Hobart on Liverpool street; the Needlewoman. The owner was very helpful -- and had made so many lovely quilts, and she showed my beautiful work from Australian quilt designers. And, cross stitch patterns with colonial homes from Arthur circus at Battery point in Hobart. I bought a pattern with Arthur circus no. 47, so I had to go to Battery point to take a photograph of the house I'll do in cross stitch! Yes,it is the the cottage with the blue fence I have addede a picture of in the beginning of this blog. This beautiful pleated log cabin quilt was displayed in the shop - made from precut candy-roll fabric -- great idea!


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