My crocheted throw is finished!

In 2011 I started on my first real crocheting project - and now I've finished. After 4 years. Yippi!

The patterns is here: Drops pattern (choose other language if needed), and I have made 121 crocheted squares and arranged them in a 11 by 11 square. Half of the squares are "colored"=blue, purple, pink, green, and half is more nutral=brown, beige group.

I'm looking forward to spend some time in my sofa with the throw over my legs - when I get back to Trondheim. I don't see so much use for the throw here in Perth.

11x11 squares - with black meshwork

Colored vs beige/brown - alternating

Looks good at Point of Reflection in Kings Park, Perth.

Maybe place the throw next to some green plant in my livingroom?


Nydeig teppe! Skulle ønske jeg var like tålmodig å gjøre ferdig... ;o)

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