"Mixed bag 2017" Moda charms into circles – for my coffee table

I love charm packs. Then I get to try out so many different coordinated fabrics. This time I bought a charm pack called "Mixed bag 2017" with 42 squares 5"x 5" from by Studio M for Moda at my favourite quilt store Quiltegården.

I also bought the "Bigger Perfect Circles" by Karen Kay Buckley, which is a set of plastic circle templates, and Roxanne Glue-Baste-it temporary basting glue to place the circles on the background fabric for applique (see the picture above, right).


  1. I used the plastic template that was 3.5" in diameter, and cut out (including 1/4" seam allowance) 8 circles of a selection of the bright fabric from the mixed bag, 
  2. then with a knotted thread I sew a running stitch in the middle of the seam allowance, 
  3. placed the plastic template in the middle of my cicle, sprayed on some Stiff (strykesstivelse) and pulled the thread so the seam gathered around the template. 
  4. I waited a few minutes, and then I used my iron to gently press the seam down. 
  5. Finally I removed the template, pulled the thread to make a perfect circle, 
  6. and glued the beautiful circle in the middle of a light-coloured fabric square from the charm pack and 
  7. hand appliqued the circle to the background.
  8. Finally I pressed the circle, and used my scissors to cut a whole to remove the access background fabric behind the circle and removed my thread. 

I repeated this for the 8 circles.
Then I added 8 squares that kind of colour coordinated with the 8 circles, and used some time to play around with the 16 squares. I ended up arranging the 16 squares with every second circle.

Then I machine quilted - meandering - around the circles, and added a 1/4" binding (the fabric cut 2" width). Yes, I meant to do something cool also for the other squares, but my sewing machine is not in good shape and breaks the thread every minute when I do free motion quilting (for the meandering on average 3 times pr square...) so I just skipped that (wanted: a good sewing machine repair person for my "monday machine" Janome Horizon 7700... sight, yes I have the blue tip needles and the blue bobbin).
The fabric I used for the binding is dark grey (I know the the binding in the picture looks dark lilac, but it is really grey) from the Volume II by Sweetwater by Moda (the fabric line with names of quilting stores - where the name Quilegården also is featured).

The final size of my table cloth is 46.4 times 46.5 cm (18.5" square). Each finished square is 4 3/8" (should have been 4 1/2" but I guess my accuracy is not super), and the outer binding is 1/4" finished width.

Making circles was really cool with the accurate template - so I really need to make some more circles!


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